Anyone else mousewheel button not working?

Its auto assigned to melee but its never worked. It works outside the game. like the mouse isnt broken. I cant reassign it either. I have a mouse with a tilt wheel so i think the function isn’t responding to the games protocol.

Has anyone have a pc mouse with a tilt wheel that melees?.. I reassigned the tilt to previous and next hand grenades. and that works flawlessly. but when I went to assign the mouse click wheel button to throw grenade I found its actually suppose to be assigned to something. And it is not working. Thanks.

SOLVED: as soon as I restarted the game the rebinds work just fine. And I guess by default the mouse wheel button doesn’t actually have a bind. So, I duno why it was showing that it was bound to melee and not working. lol. thanks again.

EDIT: I also wouldn’t recommend binding it to throw grenades because after one throw it totally doesn’t look right. hahahaha

EDIT2: they should also consider adding the back mouse button 4 to drop weapon because its actually not assigned to v.

So, I went with tilt wheel switch grenades. Mouse wheel click to AI scan. Back 4 button drop weapon. The only issue is you have to drop a weapon to switch grenades. That’s my genius to you… heh. Unless you want to reassign the tilt wheel literally to n and b the game doesnt recognize scroll left and scroll right as a button. which is what the mouse wheel tilt is assigned to. by default its repeat scroll up and repeat scroll down so you get that. So, I duno I might create a “halo infinite” mouse profile. But, I really dont… know.

EDIT: switch ai scan to MARK(middle wheel button). and mouse button 4 to ai scan. and if you press them fast enough they tend to work. so you dont have to actually assign v to drop them off.

Dump all that and drop v to weaponary and open c up. So the wheels tilt and left and right and actually switch up/down weaponry and the sensitivity can clutch. before it wouldnt actually switch it would just pump. without clutch. ive also replaced everything else as well because I zoomclutch. (couldnt 10x zoom mark). {[recon]}

EDIT: all there really is to do is enable button 4 to drop weapon and Press t to toggle helmet light. LOLOLOL.

make sure you also tilt next and previous grenade. GRENADA WEAPONRY lol. grenadiere. i get grenader. ok.