Anyone else miss top medals?

Well 343 FINALLY listened to the community and removed ‘First Strike’ from the top medals list…problem is they also removed every other medal from the list as well as the list itself!

I kind of liked the ‘you did the best of “X” in this round!’ in Reach.

And don’t forget MVP. That was a good feature.

I miss top medals too. Quite a bit in fact. MVP, etc and the like are still there in a way. You just have to look a bit for it. It now places you via a number as to how well you did. in 4v4 its 1-8 placing. There are coms for top finishes and the like. I’d like to see top medals and mvp come back paired up with the placing system.

Edit: And have them easily visible and accessible in the post-game carnage report as well.

I really miss MVP as well. Although it was always funny to see a tie-breaker for MVP always go to the team that lost…