Anyone else miss the classic halo 2?

I have no issue with 343 remastering halo 2 but I still love the classic. I remember playing it on my first Xbox and thinking it was the best -Yoink- I ever saw now they are making it again but the graphics are really good and those cutscenes look so damn good I can’t get over how the gravemind looks compared to the old version he actually looks kinda scary now which he should have been from the start. Also does anyone know if they will be keeping the hidden scarab gun on top of that building? That was some cool stuff when I found that I was like “What” when I found it and it was just a great experience. I do know about anyone else but me personally I might play with the old graphics for about 50% of the time just so I can get that classic halo 2 feel

It’s amazing mate apart front the current state of mm and yes they still the scarab gun :smiley:

i miss h3 haha