Anyone else just leave when they get a bot in slayer?

its genuinely impossible to win with one on your team. enemy can just farm kills ad infinitum until they win. either remove bot backfill or remove leaver penalties from slayer because bots are a forced loss. a 3v4 is easily more preferable.

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No, because I have been in matches where we won (more than not) when a bot came in. They are only in the game until someone else is able to join from what I have noticed.
Also, because I hate when people quit out in a game that I’m in and I wouldn’t do that to someone else.
Ranked or not doesn’t matter.
Just my 2 cents.


I don’t quit games (unless real life emergency once in a blue moon).

But regardless, no, I just see it as a fun, dynamic challenge that spices up the match.


I just leave when the ranking system feels too slow.

Bots need to be set at ODST level to replace a teammate


today alone i’ve had several matches where a bot was in my slayer game from start to finish. also if 2 players are absent from a match everyone else on the team can quit without any penalty.

Im just built different i carry

Pretty much this. ODST difficulty for bots is the way to go.

Tell me you’re bad at Slayer without telling me you’re bad at Slayer.
You can definitely win a Slayer match with a bot teammate.

bot had 0 kills and 14 deaths
yes, if our team is several orders of magnitude better than our opponents, we can win with a bot lol

exactly, you just have to perform. It’s far from impossible as I’ve done it myself