Anyone else hyped for the update today?

Shop rework, the last achievement in the base game, New event. Anyone else hyped?


Are we finally getting Attrition? Lovely.

I’ve not played in almost two weeks due to a mixture of life and other games. Going to hop on tonight for some hopefully fixed BTB and the cyber event.

If attrition is out o can’t see myself playing much BTB though. Single life gametypes are so hype.

Still.need my battle pass achievement. Think I’m 94 so if I finish weekly challenges I’ll be there.

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I’m not expecting much tbh.

So far events haven’t really been events. They’re just Fiesta (which is there all the time anyway) and challenges with different coloured backgrounds.

The BTB fix shouldn’t have even been necessary and also should have been put out a month ago…so I’m not giving any credit for that.

The shop ‘rework’ is simply correcting their obscene greed. Sadly I think this community will forgive and forget that too easily. None of us should ever buy anything from the shop ever again on principle alone but thats a concept lost of most young people these days. They’re too shallow and too fickle.

So no, not excited about the patch at all.

This should have been a proper full content patch and absolutely bursting with new content, armour, maps etc. Instead they’re still planning the road map ffs.

It’s a shambles, a great shame (as this game has so much potential) and ultimately it’s embrassing that this is the Xbox 's flagship release.


Always hyped (20 characters)

Why would anyone be hyped when we are pretty much still in beta mode and instead of getting content, they have to fix things they broke and one of them shouldn’t have ever been broken in the first place, the shop that this game is literally built around.

Where is all this content, customizations, etc… 343 bragged about for years?


New game modes, more affordable gear, events, etc, amount for nothing if the game servers aren’t working properly.

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