Anyone else having trouble with the PC version?

Purchased the ultimate edition from the windows store, costing me £65. But when I go into the game and entered the options menu, the game slows to a crawl and eventually freezes

Can’t say this is acceptable. It’s far from it. The game is finished and should, at least, not crash on the main menu. Never in my life have I played a game on PC where it crashes when trying to look at the video options.

Has anyone else experienced this? Seems like this shouldn’t be happening.

I can’t say I’m having that kind of a problem but I am registering frame drops inside theCutscenes

10/10 experiencing this right now…

Yeah Im having this problem too, when i got to Mouse and Keyboard it crashes every single time, also when I go to Skirmish vs AI it crashes.

i experience this in the video settings specifically.

if i change ANYTHING in there, up or down, it doesn’t matter.

it’ll go from being fine, sudden slow, freeze, crash

to change my settings, i change 1 or 2 settings then hit back to save them
as changing them all will deff crash it causing settings changes to not take effect

He tells me I’m too early.

My FPS in the blitz beta were 70-80, now its down to 15-20. Game crashes on certain stuff e.g. adding an AI. complete nightmare atm.