Anyone Else Having this Problem?

I cant even get a game started. I wait about 5mins then find a game only to get stuck on the game loading and then a “lost connection to local network appears”. Any suggestions on how to fix, my internet is fine I checked the settings of both my connection and multiplayer connection and all checked out to be fine, I even factory reset my router… It has been a few days now and this is really getting to be annoying. Do I really have to return this game?

Halo 5: Guardians - connection lost after 2 games - YouTube it is just like this problem shown on the link, but I’m not with a fireteam, the connection just gets lost even when I’m alone.

I have a couple of questions that may help

Where are you from

If you are from America are you using time warner cable as an ISP

Have you tried to hard reset your xbox

I am from Washington state.
As for your second question I am using it as an ISP
and no I have not tried to reset it?? Would that possibly fix the problem? and if I do but the problem continues is there any other solution? Thanks!

A hard reset would normally fix your issue, however your issue will be TWC as an ISP provider
Have a search of google and the waypoint forums and you will see that there is an ongoing issues facing those with TWC and playing Halo 5
So far nothing has been said by 343i or TWC in regards to the issue, but its not an isolated incident

Same ISP, different state across the country,same problem.

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> Same ISP, different state across the country,same problem.

Hopefully they fix it for you soon

Back when 343i took over halo reach there was an issue where a massive amount of people form all over the world could not connect to matchmaking
People from the US Canada NZ AUS and they all ended up having one thing in common, all of the players effected by the issue had IP strings starting with 100, 88, and one other one I can not remember
It turned out that for what ever reason 343i had accidently omitted these Ip strings from the search protocol and as such people with these IPs were not “seen” by the halo reach matchmaking service

I suspect it will be a similar type of problem