Anyone else having these issues?

Randomly I’ll get “Press X To pickup items” on halo 3, as if I’ve never played before.

File share keeps resetting whenever I boot up the game.

Frequently when I boot the game it’ll say “choose preferred input type - keyboard or controller” again as if I’ve never played before.

it’s highly annoying. Seems this game is getting buggier for me the more I play. I’ve tried the usual off and on again and deleting save data etc.

I definitely have my input settings getting reset for whatever reason aswell. (No warning popup) Annoying when you load a multiplayer match and can’t change settings ingame… so you have to quit potentially get a ban. sitting idle just inflates other team, potentially it prolongs the match too. Other than just being a waste of time for the individual.

Please allow players to change input settings ingame it seems arbitrary limitation that they cant.