Anyone else having server issues?

Every time i get into a match it loads halfway up and then boots me back to the menu with a “connection interrupted” error. Anyone else has this?

My internet works fine


I’ve just started getting this message. Game has decided to ban me for 15 mins because of an error that seems to be server-side.

Gotta love being punished in social queues


Yeah I was experiencing the same thing and have received two bans because of it. Had several game matches load and then I’ll disconnect also had a 5v5 big team in halo 3 so I’m sure it’s affecting others also.

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Yes, wanted to chill with some grifball and the game won’t let me

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i saw a tweet somewhere that said 343 is aware of the issue and is working on it

edit: it’s supposedly fixed now


Yeah it sucks when you get banned due an error on 343 server side


I can understand giving bans for competitive, but for socials it just doesn’t make sense at all. With the state that the matchmaking balance is in, just allowing people to leave unfair games is far better for making the game enjoyable.

This also removes any sort of punishment for a server-sde error that causes a disconnect, or a game client crash.

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U wanna know whats really ridiculous?
If youre banned for leaving an unbalanced social game you cant even join a custom game via the CGB

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Yes! The same exact problem for me except my issue is mainly in custom games. Has 343 acknowledged this at all? Are they aware of it?

It is definitely not fixed yet.

that’s why i said supposedly. it’s a shame uts still happening

This why we need our own dedicated server software like we had in Halo Combat Evolved, Halo CE and Halo 2.

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