Anyone else having issues with the weekly ultimate for the Rose armor coating?

It’s complete 5 fiesta matches, and I haven’t earned any progress since unlocking that challenge. Is this a bug or did 343 -blam!- up again some way and it’s supposed to be win 5 matches?

According to other users here, it’s supposed to be wins, not completions. :frowning:

I am so sick and tired of fiesta. I used to love this game mode. Now I hate it… being forced to play it over and over is literally making me hate this mode now. Lol. I will get over it though.

I went through all these struggles last night. I found out the hard way that you must win the matches. 343 is damn incompetent they can’t even put out legit challenges. It’s dumb.


Lol I feel that. I enjoy playing it for a little while but then it gets old for me when the weapon RNG sucks and the SBMM kicks in really hard.

they’re not incompetent, they are liars plain and simple, they have been lying about stuff since hunt the truth came out, ironic isn’t it.

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Wait, you have to win? Great. I keep getting terrible teammates. Does my gamelog show stats?