Anyone else have desync issues

It seems like most of my deaths are coming from guys who shouldn’t have an angle on me. Like I will pass around a corner while they’re shooting, then a second later I end up dead because they killed me on their screen or something. Trades don’t really happen either because it seems like the last second before I die gets tossed in the void. Doesn’t matter if I’m shooting, punching, throwing a nade right before I die. It has happened in pretty much most of my matches on PC, and

Yes, and even though people say theater mode is broken I don’t actually think it is. I believe it is showing both players location based in their client, and the desync in this game really is that bad right now. I confirmed by watching my vods and then comparing… It is definitely the servers, not replay. The registration issues and various grenade damage makes sense when you watch where the game thinks the enemies are.

You can go watch the replays, and it literally shows the enemies in different locations then what they were during the match on your screen. This is why no registration, bad melee, and so much variable grenade damage is happening. It literally looks like you were shooting at air, but you’re accuracy that is still calculating properly based on what you shot on your screen. If you look at the ratio between shots fired and hit, and the damage done, it is plain to see that the damage is not actually being applied… Something insane is going on with this games netcode. I tested it in 1v1s in customs with my brother at 20 ping. I also have gig internet. I was able to replicate the desync I was seeing in matches consistently, and then check my VOD recording versus the replay to show huge issues. My brother confirmed he was moving the way theater showed… So it is definitely the servers.

It’s a huge problem on the game. I saw a clip earlier where a guy is sat in the passenger seat in a hog and the hog is driving into a wall inside a building then the drivers perspective, he’s driving it around outside.

I have taken a clip being behind a wall in cover and my shields draining from the guy on the other side. I’m from the UK so US servers have always been something I’ve worked around and learned to cope with but this is something else, I refuse to do anymore matchmaking until I see a patch.

If you have twitter look up “Halocreation” the clips are there. It opened my eyes to how bad it really is.

The absurdly spammable Sidekick is the main source of this problem