Anyone else have a problem with twitch drops and halo support?

I really wish i could have someone higher up at 343 read this and fix this. I sat and watched the HCS Championship Finals, (keep in mind im using my one and only twitch account ive had forever), so i received and claimed all of the drops like usual. I ended up waiting for a week or so thinking maybe it just took time to receive my drops and i never got them. So I contact Halo support and they say “we cant give you the drops,but please add screenshots for proof and so we can prevent these problems in the future”.

So i contact Twitch, they say “Only the developer can give you your drops if there is a problem, but everything looks good on your end as far as receiving your drops. Check your inventory again.”

I feel like im going crazy. i had no issues getting my drops before. I just want the drops i deserve. why do twitch drops have to be such a headache anyways? I gave you all the proof you needed and all you have to say is “thanks for the proof our development team will make sure it doesnt happen again in the future”

i may sound like im just complaining to complain but i have bad OCD, i purposely watched for the twitch drops to have all of the diamond coatings and now im missing some of them and its honest not my fault and really messing with me.

Anyone else have this issue?

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I recall a number of players not receiving the BR and Finals coating, no idea if they ever got them though.

Longest I had to wait was two weeks. I tried contacting support with links to threads here where several players didn’t get drops. Someone tweeted 343i about Twitch drops and that got them to actually do something. Seems like 343i only pay attention to Twitter or Reddit.

I didn’t receive mine originally and contacted support with video proof of me going from my twitch inventory page (saying successfully claimed) to my bungie redeem code history showing they weren’t there (and therefore not in game).

They said they can’t grant the drops but would pass the issue onto the development team.

I, along with others who had issues at the time, seemed to receive them 16 days ago:

I’m not sure why it’s not worked for you, sorry.