Anyone else hate the new weapons gameplay wise?

It feels like only the AR, sidekick, BR, and rocket launcher are the only viable weapons.

None of the power weapons feel like they do any real damage, or are too gimmicky to reliably use. On top of that if you’re playing on console you are at a disadvantage for using them, because the lack of AA.

Putting input complaints aside the skewer, and mauler are the only new guns that aren’t a handicap for the enemy team.


shock rifle - annoying, like actually annoying to go against
disruptor - makes the plasma pistol useless. like completely
ravager - actually the worst gun in the game, along with the plasma pistol
stalker rifle - a identity crisis having gun. like is this a sniper? no, that’s the shock rifle. is this the carbine? no, that goes to the plasma carbine… so what is it?
pulse carbine - it… it’s not terrible. but it’s never used

the only new guns i like are the mangler, skewer, and… uh… the uh… huh. i agree on ya with this OP -v-


I really only hate the Ravager and Plasma Pistol, Ravager just does not do enough damage for its god awful handling and weirdly terrible range. Plasma Pistol… It wasn’t ever truly good past CE (where it was a decent weapon by itself) but it had some strong utitility, they nerfed its tracking, speed, and removed its EMP for Infinite so it’s just bad.

Honorable mention for Pulse Carbine, great foundation but either needs way higher projectile speed or moderately higher speed and better tracking

The AR and br are the only two weapons that are Halo to me. Everything else is just a disgrace

The rockets are neutered. Blast radius reduced

The plasma pistol neutered. It used to be able to track better

The camndo sucks but if you buff it it’ll be too powerful. It’s just not a good weapon

Shock rifle is ugly and plays worse than the beam rifle in other games

I like the magler but it’s just a another one shot one melle weapon like that promethan weapon in halo 4

I like that forumner looking pistol

I like the carbine replacement but I hate that there is no carbine. Hate that there is no dmr or smg. Just a lot missing.

This game feels nothing like Halo to me. It’s just a generic shooter with a Halo skin and the BR


Yup spot on. I’ve only seen Plasma BR combo used once since the game launched.
Pulse Carbine though, either needs a nerf or just take it out and put in the Plasma Rifle

Shock Rifle - The Headshot half of the Beam Rifle. But otherwise, it shocks vehicles and literally useless against everything else if you don’t Headshot.

Disruptor - The tickle gun. Also shocks vehicles.

Ravager - Area Denial but it either runs out of juice too fast, or useless. Why did they have to nerf this?

Stalker Rifle - The body shot half of the Beam Rifle, except you need more shots and you don’t overheat as fast. Actually good if you are a good shot or shooting someone AFK, actually bad against a player with a brain.

Pulse Carbine - Good if your enemy is literally standing still

For the record, the PP is still good for noob combo, so there’s that.

The pulse rifle is more of a longer range gun due to it’s homing attack

The SKewer is kinda like the laser but with a projectile drop…

Spartan Laser should have stayed. not sure why it got retired.


Nope. I will pickup any of them. Generally, I keep the sidekick on hand to finish my sloppy work, but the primary can be anything. Except maybe the plasma pistol, but give it time.

I’d recommend everyone in here put some time in with the shock rifle at the range. Once you get the hang of it, oh man does it wreck people. I’ve got more than one overkill with that gun. I absolutely love it.


Yeah, but there really is no noob combo because you can’t dual wield.

Noob combo literally means Plasma Pistol + Precision.
Dual Wield has nothing to do with it.

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I actually found the weapons to be pretty interesting when I started playing with the alternate fire modes many have.

Commando is very situational to me. If you’re in an overwatch position helping your team from a distance it can be very effective, but works best in Quickplay on fairly open maps when BR is not available.

I can’t seem to get anything going with the plasma pistol. If radar in the game was more like the old radar you could charge a shot as you would have some warning. The action is too fast for that as things are.

Disruptor seems like it’s just there to fill an anti vehicle role. It’s damage over time against individual targets really isn’t powerful enough to bother picking it up.

I like how the needler is still the cheese weapon lol.

I’m not picking up the plasma rifle in preference to an AR. No way.

I guess the AR makes a lot of things useless to me. Not calling for a nerf, but I think a few things could be buffed to make them have a role.

maybe because i made a whole team rage quit in halo 3 when they tried to apply insanity against me?

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I think the AR needs a range nerf.

Yeah, I’m not sure that it doesn’t. It seems a little too omnipotent now. Just hate to call for nerfs. I’d rather see some slight buffs.

I do think the AR has a little too far effective range it almost outclasses the battle rifle which should outrange it easily.

The shock rifle, mangler, cinder shot, and skewer are good. The other new weapons are relatively useless IMO.

Shock Rifle: It’s about the same as the sniper rifle, though I guess it’s more powerful because of the shock effect.
Disruptor: I feel like the Plasma Pistol might be more powerful since it can disable a vehicle with one charged shot.
Ravager: It’s quite powerful, as I think enemies can be defeated by melee after one burst.
Stalker Rifle: It works well as a BR, and I think it’s even more powerful since there’s no need to worry about the bullets in the burst missing.
Pulse Carbine: It probably has its good points, but I haven’t used it that much, and I keep confusing it for the Stalker Rifle.
Commando: It’s sort of weak, but if there aren’t any ARs on the map, it’s quite good at taking its place.
Mangler: It seems like a slightly improved Mauler.
Skewer: I haven’t used it much, but it seems more like a sniper rifle that doesn’t really do much damage to vehicles.
Hydra: Its lock-on isn’t that great, but it’s okay as long as enemies are close or have no cover to use.
Sidekick: Too powerful at close range.
Bulldog: Not much different from the Mangler.
Dynamo Grenade: A good addition that isn’t too powerful.
Cindershot: Powerful but difficult to aim.
Heatwave: Powerful but difficult enough to make it balanced.

I’ve taken a liking to the commando. Although it did take a few tries.