Anyone else HATE Stockpile?

I find this mode a mindless cluster of nades and death. Every single game has been a miserable experience for me. Pretty sure I’ll be backing out of every match that comes up in the future. Just sad I have to WIN a match for my weekly. It’s going to be pure torture.

It could be alright if some changes were made to it.

I just want to complete the achievement for it and never touch it again. BTB right now is just a hot mess.


Ya its awful, not huge on total control either. Wheres dominion


The only thing I’d really change at the moment is increasing the time it takes to steal a seed.
It feels like an entire squad can steal all the seeds at base way too easily…

I actually really like it.

I just wish more people would work together. Like utilizing the razorback. No one wants to get it so I just drive off, put the two in the back and drive back.

But what’s irritating is how people will go right into slayer mode and forget that it’s meaningless, and then lose cause it’s the objective that matters.


Thing is, I think a lot of people don’t know that you can transport seeds on a Razorback.
I didn’t, until I think yesterday when watching a Halo Infinite clip compilation.


kinda, especially the sudden death timer was removed, last match my teammates left so i had to hide some where but this one guy isn’t and i had my xp boost going so i had to leave and start another game.

I like it! Especially throwing them towards my base or stealing an opponents and throwing them off their base. Good fun :grinning:

Eh, its not bad of a game type but I think a few changes are need. If a team doesn’t play the objective the games can end very quickly, so quick that sometimes the vehicles don’t even spawn lol

I just hate BTB all together right now…

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I think what I dislike most about it is that it doesn’t actually encourage combat with the other team for the most part. You grab a battery, if it’s uncontested (a lot of the time), you carry it back to your base. Only for a couple of the pieces is there any actual battling but that’s about it.

If the seeds were all spread out to grab I think it would be better but they are all in the same place

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Yeah, how awful, a mode that encourages player movement.

Stockpile is basically just CTF times 5, but because there are more than one objective it is much harder to just camp by the objective. Easiest way to win is using Razorback to carry multiple power core carriers to the base and getting fast scores.

I think you make a great point. Having all the seeds spawn in one place drives chaos and luck. Having clusters of 3 spawn throughout the map would make things more interesting. Also, put a single slot on the back of the Mongoose to give that vehicle a purpose. Or even make all vehicles capable of storing seeds, and all seeds very slow to carry on foot to motivate vehicle play. Who knows, This mode might be fun with changes, but as it stands it’s not interesting to play.

I disliked it at first but if even 4 guys on the team coordinate and throw those things or use a Jeep you’ll win all the time because so many players can’t wrap their head around it.

But I wouldn’t miss it if it gets lower weight in matchmaking. Rather it be CTF or Slayer most.

Stockpile is in the game? I’ve seen the achievement but I have yet to play a match in 18+ hours of game-time.

I wouldn’t mind it so much if I didn’t play it 10 times in a row. Bring back individual playlists on top of this quickplay stuff

I never thought, I’d find a game mode in Halo that I truly hate. I have only won 1 game. I don’t even know any solutions to this mode, I don’t know if I’m just not good. But I really dislike this mode to the point it become an automatic loss.