Anyone else find the hidden QR code in the season 2 battle pass reveal?

I can’t figure it out and it says there will only be one who claims the ultimate reward :frowning: I guess I just don’t understand it

Surely I’m not the only one who found it

There is a QR code?
Was it in the stream or

Can we get a link to this, Google isn’t pulling up squat

Apparently 343 says it isn’t them running the website, I guess it’s a fake, I had to go to Twitter and Reddit to figure it out. But the website was

i wasnt spreading misinformation, as it was STATED above i didnt understand, as i found out through the community about this QR code, and later found out (as well as others) that 343 didnt make the website. From Uny on twitter. quite a few people found this and didnt understand. i didnt know this was something able to be flagged either ill be more careful.

Let’s not spread misinformation.