Anyone else find ordnance drops stupid ?

What ever happened to map control in halo ? When you have to know the times the power weapons would spawn and the locations they were in ? Now you can drop one after a certain amount of points … I find this stupid and I would like to know if anyone agrees with me .

I agree. It makes the game more luck-based.

Naw, they’re fine. I don’t mind them at all.

I agree. Some much luck in this game it is not even funny.

Well a problem with map control was Spawn killing and camping the weapon spawns.

So Loadouts removed spawn killing

And ordnance drops removed camping weapon spawns.

Not the best solutions for the problem, but an attempt.
And if they really bother you, go play a gametype without ordnance drops such as CTF.

You can still use map control with ordnance drops. put yourself or your team in the most dominant position of the map and BAM!- You control the map. The better you control the map, the more weapons you will get. Ordnance makes more sense.

No more of that silly weapon timing/ camping stuff.

Its funny, 343 said before Halo 4 launched that there would be a place for players that don’t like all these new features being added.

They’re not a big deal to me, because I’m a casual gamer, and I don’t pay too much attention to who has what power weapon or the exact timing of respawns. I can understand as a competitive gamer how it may be new and uncomfortable.

However, I think the biggest reason I dislike ordnance drops is, because I feel it reduces the amount of close games in slayer. I find myself playing in a lot more blowouts (victories or defeats) than I did in Halo 3 and Reach, and the reason is because the teams that control the power weapons at the very start are already on the fast track to their ordnance drop. All of the sudden, the team holding the power weapons gets rewarded with more power weapons and it’s a never-ending cycle until the match ends.

Has anyone else noticed this same pattern. I start a game, look down, and the score is sometimes 220 to 50 in a matter of minutes.