Anyone else feel placement is awfully low atm?

Hey guys! Not just having a %^*# fit! I don’t mind grinding up back to onyx it doesn’t take too long - but I noticed in every playlist I got initially placed much lower this season?
i also won all 10 of my doubles placement games - but it didn’t really put me against tougher opponents to find my max skill level? We beat dia 6 and that was about the highest then got placed in plat 4 Bahaha and my team mate who did worse every round on every stat was plat 5?
Just feel maybe it’s not calculating. Your mmr in placements very well right now? Anyone else think this?

Yea i used to get Plat 4 minimum, now I am gold 3,

Yeah, placement this season was really harsh. I placed diamond in ffa last season and got placed gold 3 this season. Grinding back up a drag.