Anyone else feel like a crack addict every Tuesday

Every Tuesday since season 2 started iv been waiting for the SAP/CQC armor to show up in the store or at least past season 1 items like the TAC/M1 Combat knife.

Like im ok with re-released items but try to rotate everything threw at some point at this point im almost going to wait an entire year before i see some things and it feels like 343 is holding out as much of the good stuff as long as they can to bleed time so they can get stuff done its torture.

This store needs a overhaul its absolutely hell every week hopeing to see a item you want but never shows up.

Now alot of things need to be fix first wish we could earn armor like every other halo game customization was always my favorite part of halo since reach honestly just feel gutted and tired need to rant about it today.

Bro. Same. I waited for the bullet time pack every tuesday for good little while. I just wanted the shoulders.

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Lol, a selective “crack addict”: If non of the “goods” deliver, like bad shop items or a weekly challenge unlockable that I would never use, I don’t participate in the addiction.

Buying anything from the store is only adding to the problem. Especially items that were cut from the battle-pass. I’m even a little guilty of getting a couple things from the store, but honestly it’s embarrassing to use anything in match making and now I just regret my purchases.

Analogy of what I mean - buying a baby seal fur, then finding out what it is and how it was made… it’s just sad…