Anyone else fed up witn the whining?

For crying out loud, I came from playstation had sony systems all my life, I played halo on my friends xbox when I was a kid but it wasnt a huge part of my childhood. This generation I decided I could afford both consoles so I picked up halo mcc with the sole intention of playing through the campaigns, I played through all of them and fell in love with the series. Ive gone on to read some of the novels and watch all the movies I cant get enough halo. Maybe some would consider my opinion invalid because im not an “old school halo vet” but heres what I think…
halo is not losing popularity because of sprint or spartan abilities or because they are cloning cod (which they definitely are not halo 5 is worlds away from cod) I think halo is losing popularity because unfortunately it has one of the most negative fan bases in video games people that absolutely refuse to accept change in any way or to evolve or adapt. I dont understand, if you want to play halo 2 or halo 3 go play them but you simply cannot expect 343 to keep cloning bungies games over and over.
Stop blaming change on halo losing population it wasnt because they added sprint in halo reach, it was because cod came along and most casuals went that way because the game is more accessible for casual players. We should be supporting 343 not tearing them down with every decision they make. Is halo 5 perfect? Absolutey not there are things that need tweeking like the spartan charge or making some changes to overgrowth (active camo and shotty five feet away from each other AND right next to a spawn point really?) for instance but overall its a very good game. Its ok to constructively criticize in order to make things better, but as a community we cannot be tearing 343 to shreds over every aspect of the game. I love halo but come on guys as a community we can do better.

inb4 locke

complaining about complaining

however i agree and blame destiny

Halo is known around the internet as the game with a community of young teens accepting what ever -Yoink- 343 flings at their face and loving it. Like, I honestly don’t know how you came to the conclusion that Halo isn’t popular because of negativity. It’s just silly. The extreme negativity didn’t even start until Halo was already drastically declined in popularity. It’s more logical to assume that the negativity flourished because of bad game developers.

And then there will be the person that brings up “” Yeah, that’s great and all, but compared to the large amounts of people who LOVED Halo 2, the ratio of those that vehemently opposed what it did to Halo was much smaller. People actually played Halo 2, as another separate practicing argument. If you play Halo 5, you will consistently see Champions facing low Platinums. That’s, as well, a demonstrating argument.

Ooooh thats a bingo

You are absolutely right, but this thread will be buried and lost in the negativity.

I wish they would just go if they dont like the game. But this is the internet.

I smell a lock coming…

What I want to say would get me banned.

What I’m gonna say is that threads which complain about complaining aren’t allowed, as they contribute very little.

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> I wish they would just go if they dont like the game. But this is the internet.

Yeah, this is the internet, where people wrongly assume that others dislike a game just because they dislike that there are plentiful obvious flaws that need to be addressed - because black and white thinking is much harder than critical thinking.

Complaining about complainers, how ironic.