Anyone else excited about changes to the Magnum?

Since the beta they said they made the magnum’s max rate of fire slower, but made it do more damage. Which basically means it’s more like Halo 4’s magnum.

I thought Halo 4’s magnum was great and it felt awesome to gun someone down with it. I’m glad Halo 5’s pistol is gonna be more powerful and a little less spammy.

I could take it or leave it. I sucked with that thing in the beta, so I guess if I only have to land 4 shots now instead of 5 it’ll be better for me.

Throw it away anyway as soon as I see a better weapon, so I would say no.

Even with AR starts I barely used it at all in the beta.

It’s an either-or. It’s true, it wasn’t very punishable in use, just in choice of range. Now they say it’s kept itself but now isn’t as spamable.

… So… For the sake of balance, I can live with it. But I haven’t felt it yet so I don’t know if I actually like it :wink:

I could potentially be excited, I don’t like that the rate of fire was reduced, but if it has gotten some buffs at range and still has the fastest killtime of all the precision weapons then I will be fine with it. I felt like the thing the Pistol lacked the most in the Beta was range, making it easy for BR/DMR/LR to easily lock down Pistol spawns, so if that is no longer the case and we have worthwhile spawning Pistol again I will be very happy.

I seriously don’t understand why some people seem to like the Halo 4 Pistol so much, it was literally designed to be a secondary because of the loadout system and was outclassed in every way that matters by the precision rifles. Its the 3rd worst multiplayer pistol in the series only coming out ahead of the Halo 2/3 pistols battling for last place. It only had value because loadouts prevented player from running Precision Rifle/Auto without using up a perk slot. I don’t see how buffing the damage on the Halo 5 Pistol makes it closer to the high bloom, and low damage H4 Pistol(only ahead of the Halo 2 Pistol in damage).