Anyone else dropping the game for now?

I’ve cancelled my pre-order.

I’ll get Game Pass to complete the campaign and then just play the free multiplayer and see how I go. There’s not a chance in hell I’m spending over $60 for a game in this state.

343i has once again shown they’re incapable of making a Halo game. Ever since Halo 4 launched I knew they had no idea what Halo is or how a Halo game should play.

All they had to do for Infinite is re-skin Halo Reach and I’d buy that at $60 easily. But no, they keep making it more and more like Call of Duty and Battlefield which is exactly what Halo fans don’t want.

At this point it feels like they do it out of stupidity and greed as opposed to purposefully.

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People forget mcc launch and well over a year after the game was awful.

Halo Infinite is a mess. Do not recommend.

MCC had a rough launch
Halo 5 had a rough launch.
6 years later
Halo Infinite is having a rough launch


Absolutely not, I’m having a blast.

I’m sorry it isn’t your cup of tea currently.

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They stated that everything you buy or earn before the 8th will be carried over, no word about everything being ‘wiped’.

Same, I got both the DRG and D2 passes to work through in the meantime.

I never stated that the unlocked BP items/progression would be wiped. I gave an example how 343 could wipe stats add a new ranking system, and let the players keep unlocked or bought items and still technically meet the “you keep everything” statement.

I specifically stated that stats might be. The stats that there is no service record for currently, so no real reason to trust 343 that the stats will be saved, especially since this is still a “Beta” to them. Someone here decide to scream bloody murder at something that has happend many times over the francises history. Stats have been reset many times by both Bungie and 343.

On the 8th they could drop a new ranking system, claim its for the HCS or “we found a lot of cheaters in Ranked we didn’t account for, so we need to reset” and never let us see the Beta stats, or place it under a tab with an asterisk on Waypoint and not allow it to be seen in game.

Edit: I also have no faith that 343 will save our bookmarked theater saves. I will be happy if they do tho.

Game sucks man. I’m astounded at how low the bar is on Reddit and other places. It’s a glorified tech demo

It’s just the variety of playlists and maps, a real ranking system like Reach not just numbers, fix BTB and return it back to it’s roots and I don’t have any complaints.

The core gameplay is fine for me, the first time they’ve got it right imo. As for the cosmetics, I’m not against them making some money, it just can’t be so heavily based on cash grabbing. It needed to copy Reach’s system completely, everything is there for them to follow and get it right, the UI, the unique ranks and the credit’s. I’m not against them having a store with some unique armour on there that we have to spend real money on, it’s a business at the end of the day but this is a bit much.

I think their approach towards the launch couldn’t have been handled worse, lets be honest they are hated by the majority and have their followers that are content creators blow smoke up their A hole to get on their good side and this is what causes this sort of damage because they listen to them and think they can do no wrong.

They need to drop the ego and come at Infinite with a more realistic standpoint by Dec 8 comes around or everyone will go back to the games they’ve been playing. We’ve gone without a new Halo game for years, I doubt it will make a massive impact to anyone if they are forced to leave due to their decisions.

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Yeah. It’s a shame because I love this game but my god everything out of ranked is a complete mess. This is coming from a 343 fanboy

If they don’t completely redo the customization system for armor/gear and give us the old style of earning armor and buying it with earned currency then yeah. I can deal with the pulse carbine not having far enough lock on range/speed or the plasma pistol (for years) not being where it should on health, that’s fairly minor gameplay stuff that not many people are going to care about much. But when you have something that Halo’s been known for being completely gutted to a worse system than 3, with a worse monetization system than Fortnite you know you screwed up.

I’ve been just playing MCC these days. Sometimes I’ll boot up Infinite, because it is fun, but then I’ll look at the bare-bones menu and “my” spartan (that isn’t really mine at all) that I can’t change, and I just get sad and turn it off. Sometimes then I find myself searching the internet to see how other people are feeling about this- it does make me feel better to know I’m definitely not alone.

I still play Infinite with friends sometimes, but the enjoyment wears thin very quickly with the limited amount of gameplay options and restrictive playlists.