Anyone else disappointed that the Halo Infinite disc does not contain the whole game?

I am not happy about how Halo Infinite does not include the whole game on the disc. I have the Xbox Game Pass, but had pre-ordered this game just so I could have a physical, playable game and have full ownership over it. With the delays I was definitely expecting a full game on the disc. Are there any plans to put the full game on the disc in the future? Why else pay $60 for the disc otherwise?

You mean, why are there updates to the game coming later that aren’t on the disc?

That’s just like, 2021, man.

Imagine picking up a 2014 disc of the MCC with no internet connection possible after someone tells you that ODST, Reach, and ODST Firefight are part of the game. MAN would you be disappointed!

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I’d expect to have some sort of complete, playable version of the game with a disc release though. I understand and support frequent updates, but I would’ve wanted the disc to at least have a complete v1 version.

Full games haven’t been on discs for half a decade now

So here’s a related question: Do they even update the files on discs anymore? Like, at some point when manufacturing the discs, do they use an updated version of a game or do they just rely updates? I really want a copy of MCC but as you said, what’s the point?

I guess another question on top of that is, do they even need the files on disc since the game is completely installed? This isn’t Xbox 360 anymore where it plays off the disc supplemented by the hard drive.

In the case of the MCC, I would expect that if your console were completely offline from the start, and you put the disc in - all you could play was that base 2014 experience. However, when you put it online and update/install everything, and then take it offline - the updated experience would be there.

I want the game to be on the actual disc, I feel like I got ripped off by purchasing the physical copy only to be told I need to download the game. The game case NEEDS to tell the buyer that it requires a download, and a sizable one at that! Might come as a surprise to some people, but not all folks have high speed internet in the country side!


I got this vibe real strong from Mass Effect remastered. That rustled my jimmies.
Now, however… I expected as much. Siiiigh

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It’s ridiculous that the game isn’t on the disc. If someone purchases a game, they should receive said game. If you’re not giving customers the whole game, why are you charging full price?

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