Anyone else completely given up on the progression system?

If I take a break I don’t get the weekly item and loose my XP gain. Can’t afford to.

im just gonna uninstall at this point. it’s not worth the time or money they’re wanting.

You were living life just fine a few weeks ago without the game, you’ll be fine without it now. Your mental state is more important than any meaningless cosmetic.


Uninstalled for my own mental wellbeing, game nearly drove me a to suicide a few hours ago. so yeah not coming back until the system is changed.

Dude. I lost way too many people due to suicide and mental health problems. If you wanna talk, send me a private message.

But I honestly think it is better this week with the challenges.

Alright man. Take it easy. We’d love to have your back when you’re ready.

Edit: small typo, but I’ll leave it. We’ve got your back.

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When a game is excellent in all aspects, I would happily support the devs and company with microtransaction purchases. Hell, I have done that in plenty of games (Hearthstone, Fortnite, Path of Exile). However, Halo Infinite has the worst monetization I have ever seen outside of mobile gaming. I don’t see myself purchasing any additional mtx for this game, and I almost regret purchasing the awful battle pass before I knew how sluggish progression was. This game will 100% be a failure unless something changes at or close to launch.

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