Anyone else already burnt out?

Before I start I want to say that I am not playing campaign until co-op is out. So please, no spoilers. This is purely about the gameplay.
So, my GF and I were playing through the “beta” last month. I think that the base gameplay is good, the weapons I feel were more balanced in the flights than they were now. However, I’m going to be as objective as I can and not let my opinions get in the way.
I’m not talking about the cosmetic issues.
Or the shop’s prices.
Or the nature randomized game mode playlists (yes I saw the tweet. Its coming Tuesday)
Or even the number of maps.
I’m leaving out what isn’t in the campaign.

Without forge to create a steady stream of new multiplayer maps, the matches I play are already getting stale. Like, oh boy, another game of odd ball on Streets. another CTF on Aquarius.
Maybe the game mode problem would have been solved with custom games, but the menu is broken and all of the options are not there.
The randomized vehicles and weapons help a little bit with trying to keep each match varied, but with the small (but way better balanced than the other Halos) sandbox of weapons, its all the same. I know that “at X location I will get a plasma carbine. Y location is always a sentinel beam. Z location is either BR or Commando” it isn’t completely “random” Its a weapon type. Fiesta was fun for a little bit. But the maps are the same and the sandbox is small so I was bored again.
Speaking of the maps, its not the number that bugs me, its the design. Recharge and live fire just feel like mirror-flipped versions of each other. They don’t look like it, but they play like it. Aquarius, Streets, and Bazar are all just 3-lane maps. I got tired of 3 lane maps in COD Ghosts. I already dropped that franchise. Fragmentation, Highpower, and Deadlock are effectively just vehicle race tracks with some player cover on the outside and middle. Behemoth is like a mix of the race track and 3 lane. Launchsite is interesting in theory, but the only game mode it works with is 1 flag CTF. Instead of being a circle its a diagonal line with one side having a shortcut. There is potential, but it is limited.
And the vehicles…
I only played with a scorpion once. During the flights. I never even touched a wraith yet. My old favorite was the chopper, but the vehicles are so messed up I don’t want to use it. I don’t even want to use the other vehicles either because the balance is off. And the BTB maps don’t really support the vehicles Halo has. They are more like race tracks than a battlefield.
Then I get jumped back to the menu where I see challenges that tell me to play more to get a tiny itty bitty reward.
Infinite was fun when it was new, but I feel like the “beta” has made this game already overstay its welcome.
Again this is putting my opinions aside, but those opinions stack onto the game as it is now too.
Objectively, the quality and quantity of content for launch leaves much to be desired. It makes the game boring.
Then subjectively, how it feels like the game keeps pushing “buy this” in my face makes me feel insulted for what little time I do spend. I keep thinking “Its one thing that you’re charging $20 for an armor set. Or $5 for a color and 4 slices of 1 emblem. But $10 for 6 months of my time for at least 2x that and continually reminding me about that $20 set while the game itself is boring. Is this a joke?”

Its like the game is subconsciously telling me that I should feel obligated to spend my money and time on it and that I should feel thankful for the game “rewarding” me for putting up with it. I shouldn’t feel thankful for dropping $20 on a digital space flower. and I don’t feel thankful for sending $10 expecting to be bored for the next 6 months. I was excited to grab the ODST armor and the Superintendent AI, but just like the wraith I never drove, I don’t think the game will ever let me get that far. Its all out of my hands so why should I bother?

I’ll play Tuesday when the playlist and challenges are updated, I want the game to be better. But I felt no urge to play infinite in the last week and a half. Even before then, it was intermittent. Considering the next season is still 6 months away, unless they drop a big update in between then and now (which doesn’t seem to be the case. Big updates look like they will only come with seasons. not when they are needed.) I’m not going to keep playing regularly. Over a year later, I still boot up Doom Eternal once a week to check things out. I only bought the deluxe edition, everything else has been free! I was hoping Halo Infinite would have been like that.



Having heaps of fun.

Just finished the Campaign. Now back to multiplayer.

Missing Forge and scripting. That sucks.

But plenty to do until then.


Some are, and for me, PvP isn’t keeping my interest. I have started the campaign yesterday through somone giving me a gift card, the scenery is great, but it feels way off like I’m not even playing Halo. I’m sure the story will be interesting, but the weapons, vehicles, no assassinations, the plasma pistol, the voices for the grunts, etc… just don’t feel right to me.

It feels like a pushed-out product due to a contract.


It seems most players are still in the honeymoon phase.
I’m not. I’m tired of the game’s meager offerings. Campaign was fun for a wee bit, but multiplayer just feels like more of the same, game after game after game.


Glad you’re having fun. Wish I was too.


What’s plenty to do? LMAOOO


OP is so “burnt out” that he’s already planning for the time he’ll login again. Lmao

yupp. Went back to Destiny 2 and having way more fun.
343 can’t do what Bungie is doing.
Especially how Bungie handles customization with characters.
I can actually make a female character with armor that looks different.
Not just change the waist size like in Infinite.


Arcade :rofl:
Quick Play
Ranked Matches
Big Team Battle
Achievements hunting
Learn the weapon spawns
Bot Camp :rofl:
And don’t forget the weapon drills

Look at all the great customization you could buy.
Change the colors of your emblem.
Create a funny spartan ID

I think that’s pretty much it.

Play the Campaign on Legendary. Find and use some skulls (probably not though, I’m not that keen). Still have a heap of side missions to do.

Still a lot of fun to be had in multiplayer. Got a lot of work to do on getting my rank up. Plus I’ve got a weekly custom session going with mates - although it will be a lot better when Forge is out.

I’ve got a lot of work to do on equipment. My use of grapple shot needs a lot of work… and the repulsor… yep. Lot of work to do.

Got a Battle Pass to chip away at.

What I’m not going to do is get hung up on XP grinding. Thankfully that isn’t part of my DNA (dodged a bullet there).

Plus I’ve still got a heap of credits to spend in the store. Just waiting for 343 to give me soemthing worth buying (apart from Daisy’s bear of course. That’s awesome).

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I don’t understand players these days. Halo has been pretty mediocre for a decade. The gameplay loop has been some form of imitation of trends during that time.

I personally am excited because it’s the first time I feel like 343 made an actual Halo game. Most of it is pretty solid. It needs work, but it’s easily the best one in a long time. I haven’t had this kind of fun in a shooter since Titanfall 2. People are way too concerned with superficial stuff IMO.

I spent countless hours in Halo 2 team training playlist etc. I just like the gameplay. I don’t need all the bells and whistles, and Halo never needed them to be popular in the first place.


I might come back and play mp a few times a year when my brother visits, but that’s it. There’s too much I dislike about the mp (yet again), so that’s it for me.

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Sounds like a whole lota literally nothing. You basscially explained what you can do when it was a “beta” but just with the campagin this time. How sad. Lol. Like actually depressing that your grabbing at straws trying explain the fun your having

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TBH I got tired of hearing that guitar loop after watching a few hours of streamers playing. The match intros with the spartan stances n stuff is super cheesy too, like stop wasting time and start the game! I dont care about everybody’s pre-defined paintjobs.


agreed with all of this… unlike with other halos, i don’t feel like there’s a want to return. nor a need.
sure the weeklies… but they’re so tedious and rng based i’m better off playing another game than infinite.
and sure, gameplay is okay…but eh, it’s a pretty average halo game. again, i’m better off playing the other halo games over infinite. more content anyways. i mean, i’l probably return when the given playlists come… but even then, i don’t feel rewarded or insentivised to play this game. i felt more wanted as a player to go and play halo 5, mcc, and call of duty. over infinite.
the monetization is so… bad. it’s like shoved in my face. yeah it’s all cosmetic… but halo was all about expression and customization ALONGSIDE the gameplay. earning the cosmetics through gameplay, even in h5. in infinite… the ‘free stuff’ is so… underwhelming, actually not worth my time. just the other day i finished my ultimate challenge along with a couple things in the bp, but it felt like i totally wasted my time, whiles also ruining any fun i could’ve had along side other player’s fun.
challenges shouldn’t make me feel bad. look at MCC. i can have fun, everyone can have fun, whiles i casually do the challenges. like… oh i dunno, WINNING.
that’s another thing… there’s no insentive to win. in a match, i’ve lost all interest in actually trying. i don’t care if we win or loose, if i get a high k/d, or go on a spree. since in the end, it means NOTHING.
MCC rewarded players for per match xp, based on SKILL. actually trying. in infinite, all i get is ‘complete the match’ woop de do… after 7 games, that’s pointless.
completing the challenges wasn’t a ‘yay, awesome, i did it!’ like the seasonals in mcc. it felt more ‘meh…’
i’l play off and on… but not as much as any other game in its current state.

gameplay was, it’s again pretty average for a halo game, so fun. though lacking and need improvement in a few places. like the vehicles and weapon ballancing, and especially the RNG. but i don’t want to use it all. the medals i would get for using them, like sprees and multikills, i don’t get excited for. it’s more ‘cool… moving on’ rather than ‘cool! i feel rewarded for my efforts in playing this game’. it’s half baked… and unlike mcc pc at launch, i don’t feel the want to return. even with the campaign


My problem is the beta was great fun but the first round of nerfs has drove me away from all slayer but swat which they dont have. No complaints from the beta even against pc players.

yep. 85% campaign completion, don’t really care to look around the map for audio logs and propaganda towers.

BTB is a write-off for me until they fix vehicles and fix their spawns.

I’m basically just back to playing the same 7 arena maps with the same 4 modes. the lack of forge, firefight, custom games, casual playlists like action sack, grifball or infection makes this game run dry really fast.


I get what you’re saying OP. Well the gist of it, didn’t read the whole thing.

I’m hoping with the playlist updates in a couple of days it’ll be easier to get back into. Being able to swap between SWAT, Slayer, Objectives, and BTB whenever you want should really spice up the game a bit.

I’m pretty sure that ‘time waster’ is all players syncing up, it’s what you typically would have waited for in the black screen of death back on Reach. So you’re not really wasting any time, no more than previous Halo games lol.

I went all over the place. You really should read it all
BUT Let me give you the short version of my rant:

Objective points:
Point 1: No forge, customs be broken. You want variety? Too bad.
Point 2: “Random” weapon spawns are not random. Just by weapon type. Balance is best in the series despite flight nerfs, but way too small for Fiesta.
Point 3: The map designs are boring. Arena are either the same asymetric arena, or 3 lane. BTB is a series of race tracks with cover in the middle and outsie. Launchsite is an exception, but lacking.
Point 4: Vehicle balance is messed up. Mixed with the map design. BTB isn’t fun. Never even touched a wraith. I only driven a scorpion in the last 30 seconds of a map during a flight.

Subjective point: On top of my boredom for reasons above, the game’s shop and progression feel like I should be thanking the game for wasting my money and time.
Conclusion: I’m bored of the game itself. The game feels like it is insulting me. I hope 343 doesn’t make large updates season-only. they need to drop content and patches as it is needed, not when each season drops. Especially since season 2 got delayed 6 months. 6 months without new weapons or maps, and fixing customs will kill the game before forge gets here in 9 months.