Anyone else accidentally buy the Warzne REQ thing?

So I’m new here and a few weeks ago I got my xbox one and halo 5 as an early christmas present and was super excited to get into the game flying through menus searching to browse through armors and customization options while my matches loaded. Recently, I get my billing statement and find a $25 charge for a ‘Warzone REQ Bundle’ so I’m like wtf is this google it and find out its a halo 5 optional purchase yet I didnt remember buying anything. So I log onto my brothers account who had not played Halo 5 to see how this could have happened. Well as you guys know its sitting right there first thing in the REQ store and doesnt list a price below it like the other purchasable items do and I guess when first signing in on an xbox 1 it defaults purchase settings to no password required. Well as you guys know in my giddy excitement I spent $25 unknowingly. I know this is the internet and most of you will just call me an idiot and I’ll admit its my mistake I’m just saying I think its a pretty sleezy way to set up the menus accompanied by xbox1’s default settings to trick some overly excited folks into purchasing non-refundable things. I probably would have bought it anyway to support the ‘free’ DLC stream and I love the game, just bitter the menus are placed in a way for accidental purchases to even occur. But i doubt I’m the ONLY one to have done this.

I’m glad to let everyone know i have since made a password required for all purchases

I find it hard to believe you bought something on accident. You have 2 or 3 times to back out

idk what to say, theres no point in lying about this. Its bought and I didnt intend to or recall buying it. Just high on Halo I guess.
Im pretty sure clicking on it brings up a screen that says are you sure, with the curser on yes already so it takes a double tap of the A button and there goes $25. A quick google search found some people in the same boat on Reddit so i dont feel as bad.

I would suggest being a little more carefull next time.