Anyone done a full U-Turn in what game modes they like?

I dont play anymore, few reasons for that but that’s another post.
But had anyone done a full 180 and a game mode they really loved and now hate or the other way around?

I personally use to love swat, was really good at it too. But I cant enjoy 1 game in infinite, either its mouse players, cheaters, desync or even maybe even BR that’s ruined it.

There always seems to be 1 guy, my team or the enemy just killing everyone. Pre shooting, knows exactly where you are, shoots round walls etc. And it’s just no fun.

On the other hand I enjoy BTB which I use to hate, shame it dont work though. Enjoy all other game modes though even FFA which I never enjoyed before this game.

Feedback: reduce the store cost. Yes I shall put this in every post.

I used to like SWAT back in Halo 4, but I stopped playing it. I think I stopped, because despite doing well dying in 1 hit is boring.

Well for some reason BTB hardly has vehicles in it and if they do they blow up super easy like wasp I get why it’s easy to destroy its perfect as it is I can massacre in that thing but warthogs and ghost feel like their made of wet paper and undryed glue chopper is sorta fine I hardly see a Scorpion or wriath at all and if I do their blown up on sight what happened to giving each team a arsenal at the beginning of the game not the BTB I know iv kinda shifted to playing ranked because of that

I’ve also gone off Swat entirely, but have warmed to Oddball and CTF as long as they’re on the right maps. I’d never touch the objective playlist in past games but I’ve learnt to enjoy the madness a bit.

Never liked SWAT. My preferred gamemodes are objectives like CTF, Strongholds, Oddball.
In Halo 5 i sticked most of the time with Warzone

I used to not really enjoy objective game types other than Crazy King. Even when first starting Ranked in Infinite, I’d complain about how little I got to play Slayer.

Now I’m the total opposite. I’ve really grown to love playing objective games, and find the occasional Slayer game to be refreshing, but not something I beg for to come up.

Couldn’t tell you, they still haven’t added my favorite gametype