Anyjne else get a ban? How long are they? (Not contesting)

So I had a hard crash and a few infinite loading screens and errors in matchmaking.
Then I’m banned.
I did have some packet loss in a game or 2 that had me drop out mid match but thats not anything I can help.

I seem to have a pUnp issue that I can’t resolve, tried everything. Replaced all my hardware even.

But I have a ban now after the matchmaking got stuck on a loading screen.
Progression is slow enough with the challenge set up and them only tracking some of the time.

Anyone have similar issues or know how long these bans for packet loss/connection drop last?
No timer in the ui like MCC.
Didn’t have these issues in the flight and I only get so much time in the week to hop in and play so bit sickened.

PLEASE DON’T CONTEST ANY BAN HERE, I just want to know when I can rejoin the server, thanks in advance guys.