anybody want to do the weekly challenge with me?

It’s Oni: sword base on legendary LASO. I almost finished it but the person i was with disconnected so when i did it restarted the whole mission. Reply if you can do it asap please

I suggest you repost this (or have a Mod move it) onto the RECRUITING section listed above Halo Universe. Cheers!

wow so u finished the mission and didnt get it or did i t restart

Ill do it with you i sent u friend request so yah

Send me a request if you want to get this challenge

Send me an invite Gt: Wickenheiser ive done evey LASO challenge so far.

i can help, i need this too, never got past the first elites, everyone i was with gave up.

IGN = xShineyThighx please message first, i get lots of invites.