Anybody want to do like a game night

I’m here because I’ve mostly been playing this game with one friend and one friend only, I want to play what I loved about the older games, Custom games. I don’t have many maps or people to play with. Post here if you’re interested

Yeah man, you are most welcome to join me and my friends

Count me in, got a couple guys who would enjoy it as well just let me know!

yea just this past saturday, i had a buddy bring his game over, since i have two xbox and two tvs, and we set up shop held custom games lobby with 12-16 ppl for 12 hours straight haha, while 6 of us played for a total of 16 hours. the more the merrier

I would too man! I have a couple friends who would like to join

Im in

I’d be down

Add me I’ll invite you whenever I be playing custom games.