Anybody see Tempest, Uplink, or Breakpoint in Defiant Playlist

According to Bungie’s playlists, those maps should all be there, but has anyone seen these?

Especially Uplink? It’s supposed to be a variant of Condemned, but has anyone actually played on that map?

i played uplink, but struggled to figure out what difference was from the default Condemned

Uplink feels more like a close quarters variation on Condemned. The Sword hall is blocked off, there are no power weapons (Rockets/Snipers), smaller doorways to access the Generator (low-grav) room and teleporters to get across the map quicker.

I’ve played a few matches on it. Haven’t seen Breakpoint appear, but I did see Tempest pop up as an option. I don’t understand why though, those are Noble maps and not Defiant. But, whatever, I can understand the mixing it up thing.

I saw both Uplink and Breakpoint come up as options.

Have not seen Uplink. Why are the Noble maps in this playlist? If I wanted to play those I would go to their playlist. I imagine its to require those that skipped Noble to buy it if they want in the Defiant playlist.

The Noble Maps seem to be there in case of a load failure.

I never saw a Noble map in the regular two-vote-cycle.

Yesterday I played with a guys who somehow got a faulty DMP and the maps wouldn’t load into MM. He caused load failures until a Noble map came up.

They act as some sort of failsafe.

If it’s the DLC list then it makes sense. If it was called the Defiant list, then I’d question Noble’s inclusion.

You don’t need the Noble maps to play in the Defiant playlist, but if everyone in a match has them they will be added as options.

My guess would be that they thought many people who purchased Defiant probably also purchased Noble and this gives you more opportunities to play all the DLC without having to switch playlists.

Uplink would be best suited for Free For All.

> If it’s the DLC list then it makes sense. If it was called the Defiant list, then I’d question Noble’s inclusion.

It’s called Defiant Map pack.
Nowhere it mentions Noble.

ehh, a two map playlist wouldn’t be too much fun.

Like the other guys have said though, Nobel Maps only come up in case of a load failure, I haven’t seem them ever in the first round of voting, so I really wouldn’t worry about it.

Uplink is good times, not too different from the default variant. Just an added teleporter, a blocked area and a few weapon spawn changes.

Like the change from Anchor 9 to Unanchored, to small to really notice.

Yep, seen all of those except Tempest.

I don’t like uplink a lot… It’s too small…