Anybody notice different skyboxes in headlong remake?

So like the title says, do any of you notice different skyboxes on breakneck?[
In the above pick, you can see the sky is blue.

While in the vid below, the sky is red/orange and cloudy.

Are these different versions (one of them an earlier build), or will there be some sort of skybox feature in forge?

Any of you guys have an idea?

Hm, good catch. Not sure, I like the destroyed city, though. It fits better.

Off topic, was the no bloom slayer? I like.

Hm. Maybe an earlier build. I’m still one for thinking the reveal was a slip on IGN’s part. The skybox looks amazing though, I must say. Very impressive work from 343.

Good eye. Now it’s a matter of prying information out of 343.