Anybody know about forge?

Anybody know about forge? im getting worried.

Forge has been confirmed to be in Halo 4 multiple times, they have yet to show any details on it however.

All the news we have gotten is pretty much: “Forge is in guys. We can’t give you the news yet but its good news”

One can only speculate this good news means forgable forklifts in Halo 4 please 343

Ok thank for the info.

All I know is that it will be bigger and better.

Worried in what way? If you’re worried that it won’t be included, there’s no cause. They said in a recent Bulletin that Forge was in, and that it would be improved, while still maintaining Forge’s ease of use (they cautioned not to expect 100% creative freedom, though). Anyway, when Reach was in development, they didn’t disclose the details on Forge until just a few months before release.

Forge is in. That’s it.

This was posted in the 6.13.12 bulletin.

“Will Halo 4’s Forge have themed forge maps with a greater forge palette as to prevent the problem that Halo: Reach had with all of its maps looking like gray Forerunner buildings?” –Majatek

“Halo 4 Forge, like all aspects of the game, will have significant improvements, changes and/or overhauls. We will be talking about those later this summer. I will, however, ask people to retain some semblance of dignity when imagining infinite tools that allow them to build a universe from scratch. To be clear, this will be a significant improvement in functionality and results, but it will continue the tradition of Forge’s ease of use, scale and scope. But I also won’t be a buzzkill. It will be cool.”

I don’t think we have much more info than that. Hopefully we will get to see forge at either RTX or Comic Con which are both coming up soon.