Anybody Got Halo 5 Armor Ideas?

While I enjoyed the Halo 5 beta, I didn’t like the fact that almost all of the armors were recycled from Halo 4. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Halo 4 armors, but I feel like some of the more ridiculous armors (cough cough FOTUS and Pioneer) should be replaced with new armor designs. The dark, gritty, militaristic feel of the Halo: Reach armors should be brought back in my opinion. The helmets, even the worst ones, were better than the majority of Halo 4’s. And the accessories, such as the TACPAD and the shotgun shells added an insane amount of detail. The helmet attachments were so awesome, as I especially enjoyed the UA variants. The Halo 3 armors were really cool, especially the Recon armor. In short, the Halo 5 armors need to be changed to a way the community wants them to be.

What wrong with Pioneer?

Yes, and I’ve posted them around Waypoint several times over the past couple years. Unfortunately, Elites are still gone, GEN2’s still ugly, and similarly, Palmer still needs to die.