Anybody excited for Spartan Ops tonight?

10 PM EST on Spike TV

Won’t be able to see it? See it here once it is aired.

And I thought I was going to bed early…

I’m still wondering what the heck is it about, especially if it’s going to replace Firefight. I loved Firefight for offering endless combat allowing me to try various strategies from aggressive to passive and it never got dull. And I still wanted to see Firefight improve by adding Flood, Sentinels and marines on more than that 1 DLC map, plus bigger scale fights with lots of vehicles. Looks like we never got that.

So I’m less than excited for something that promises stories, cutscenes, small DLC campaigns and everything that we already have in the campaign. Firefight was completely unique mode that was all about gameplay.

Cool, can’t wait to play this.Lol