Anybody excited for Halo 4 that WASN'T for Reach?

I never felt one ounce of hype for Halo Reach. I felt oddly cold towards it. (don’t get me wrong, I play it extensively like I have the previous titles, including Wars).

However, with only a single trailer out and odd bits of information, I am already hyped for Halo 4. With a new studio, re-set focus on awe and wonder, exploring John and Cortana more as characters, and the composer previously responsible for Metal Gear Solid 4, do I have any reason not to be?

Halo Reach never showed that it would give me the same feeling the the Trilogy gave me.
By the time that game was starting to show I started missing Chief and Cortana quite a bit.
Noble team didn’t replace the feeling that the Chief and Cortana gave me.

I have loved all Halo games (including Halo ODST and Halo Wars which became two of my favorite Halo games under Halo CE) except for Reach. While the campaign was good, it wasn’t as good as the other 5 Halo games before it. The multiplayer also changed too much for me to enjoy it. I find myself playing it more now with the classic playlists up, but I am getting more hyped for Halo 4 than any other Halo game. I guess not seeing John and Cortana in a game for five years will do that to you.

I don’t really get excited for games, it’s just a setup for disappointment.

However, I am very excited to be rid of Reach.

Lol @ all the Reach hate. OP- I’m always psyched when a new Halo game is being released, the one I was least excited for was Wars, wasn’t FPS nor made by bungie or 343i, nor was it very good, plus I’m not into RTS, and it seemed a bit cheesy imo.

Strangely, quite the opposite. With a new developer with some less than …reputable employees…I’m not sure Halo 4 will be even remotely playable. What has 343 given us so far? Waypoint…which is a pale imitation of, Halo Legends, which brutally destroys the Halo canon, and a botched remake. Thus far 343 looks wildly incompetent.

I have high hopes, but extremely low expectations.