Anybody else really missing the lack of a "chill" option to play in Infinite?

I don’t know about you guys, but I really miss it. Ranked is obviously a sweat fest, which is to be expected, but because MMR is used in quick play as well it is nearly as sweaty as ranked. Bot matches are way too easy currently since they are using Marine tier bots, 2 tiers down from the maximum Spartan tier bots (and even the spartan tier bots didn’t present much challenge for average or above human players in the alpha flighting). There is no custom game browser, no action sack.

I’m honestly getting tired of the constant sweat, the constant adrenaline high, and of course the weekly challenge grind fest. I may have to go back to MCC again for awhile until they can get Infinite sorted out.


The definitely need to up the chill in Quick Play.

And the only way to do that is to remove the hallmark of sweaty play - map control.

  1. Up the chaos - make it 3v3v3. It’s only one extra player on the map - but you are now outnumbered 2:1. Any thoughts of map control are out the window.

  2. Take away the big weapon / equipment spawns. They are the very definition of sweaty play. Either remove them… or add more of them… or add a splash of Fiesta and give everyone the occasional power weapon.

  3. Add some dynamic nerfs and buffs during the game. If you K:D falls below 0.5 - start to buff up. If you have just died 3 times without a kill - spawn with an overshield. If your K:D is flying nerf the shields a bit. Go on a killing streak and pay up with your shields being popped.

The game is in dire need of more game modes all around, both sweaty and chill alike.


I get it, I agree that the game can be sweaty even in Quickplay. That’s why I sometimes just load up a few rounds of Bot Bootcamp so I can get some XP in, the bots aren’t that terrible that it gets boring and they’re not tough so it doesn’t become a sweat fest.

Firefight would be nice


So in other words …Action Sack!

I’m down

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Action sack would be a great addition. Sadly, if it does come it will probably be an event just like Fiesta was.

Wish Forge was at launch.
There should be racing. Air vehicles too.
And considering the new grapple, there should be grapple slayer on more vertical styled maps.
Dont want competition?
Have grapple obstacle courses.

But hopefully not in a couple years

Bot boot camp, quick play and btb are pretty chill. But action sack and firefight are the chilliest.

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Yeah, there’s definitely no chill at all. Only sweat. The game is currently drowning in it’s own sweat.

This game isn’t going to be fun for the vast majority of players unless there’s a lot more coming on the official launch day.

I’m not sure how many more strongholds matches I can play. I may be approaching my limit.

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All games have started to suffer from skill based matchmaking. My friends can’t hang in high MMR lobbies. If they are going to keep with skill based matchmaking in QP, I hope they at least bring back gamemodes that are less skill intensive and more fun like Rocket Hot Race, Griffball, Infection or what have you

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BTB is mostly still chill to play and of course bot slayer can be played with a hand tied behind your beck.
I do hope they loosen up a bit on the SBMMR but still feels way better then H5.

Yeah, SBMM/MMR are real problems, devs really need to stop using these in games that have no option to play without MMR. Dead By Daylight has MMR now and the forums are filled with people who hate it.