Anybody buying the soundtrack early?

It comes out on October 22 and I know I’ll be getting it early.

The interesting thing about buying a soundtrack for a game before its release is that it lets you use your imagination to think of whatever story you want in your mind.

I have every single song from any Halo game and whenever I hear one, I know exactly what campaign level its from.

With having the Halo 4 soundtrack early, there is no mental image associated with the music (unless you have seen a trailer or a lot of campaign footage.

It is really awesome. I’ve already spoiled myself with all the stuff available on YouTube (which is like half the soundtrack).

You know, I just might if I have the money.

> You know, I just might if I have the money.

It should be only $15 on iTunes.

The music is great. It doesn’t have a whole lot of “different” beats like what Marty does but many of the songs are very melodic and have repeating themes that will set this game’s music apart.

I just want the remix album, but I don’t think ill have the money because I also need to pay for:
Halo 4 limited editon
Gaming computer
Halo 4 limited editon
Halo 4 art book

Yeah I’m not paying triple to get the remix soundtrack. Might have to sail the unmentionable seas for that one.

I already pre-ordered the digital download, and received Awakening as an early gift.

I’ve been listening to it on repeat nonstop, and I can’t wait for the rest of the tracks to follow. The music is really amazing.

I’m a movie and game sountrack -Yoink!-, of course I’ll have it.