Any Zelda fans out there who have thought about this?

Halo has likely the most spoiled and entitled fan base of any game and the devs encourage it lol. Don’t get me wrong, I’m completely guilty of being mad at 343i for something they either did or didn’t do for a new game and had some hot takes on here because of it, but as a fan of a game like Zelda and seeing how those devs literally could give a *yoink about their fans, really makes me appreciate 343i. They literally put up with more *yoink from us than any other developer would ever dream of and they and Halo are better because of it.

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I think there’s a lot worse fanbases. I don’t think there’s too many complaints about Infinite that aren’t justified. But you’re also comparing a western Dev and a Japanese dev. They do things rather different. I’m a huge Zelda fan but I wouldn’t say they take people’s feedback into account and more just do their own thing. If anything they may take critics and in-house testing into consideration and just add the changes into the next game.

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Breath of the Wild is a masterpiece.


That’s because they LIE

They know the LIE.

That’s why they have to help us or we won’t play their product.

Pretty simple isn’t it?

nintendo’s business practices outside of their games are shady but nintendo games are consistently finished, polished products worth full price.

halo used to be like that, so now people are upset that the franchise is no longer living up to past expectations.

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Agreed and like I said I’m guilty of my fair share of hot takes and I believe many of them are completely justified. But I do have to appreciate how seriously 343 takes feedback and how they actually work to act on things and implement changes. I guess overall they do a lot to give the fans what they want and when I think about a lot of other devs out there its just not equal. Kinda feels like 343 is just our casual game designing friend who also loves halo and is asking for our personal advice on how we think the game should be.

I mainly used Zelda as the example because being a fan of both and seeing how, for legit years people have wanted to see a trailer or at the very least learn what the name of the sequel to BoTW is. But every time Nintendo does a direct or anything they are just silent like it doesn’t exist leaving a consistent let down feeling for fans until it drops.

Maybe its just a Western vs Japanese dev thing but I don’t really personally know enough to make that distinction haha.

What about Pokémon lmfao.

even pokemon games, as rinse and repeat as they are, live up to their fanbase’s expectations for them. they’re also not developed by nintendo, only published.

Minus Sword and Shield XD God that was a mess.

true, I think latenightgaming said in a video once something along the lines of ‘343 has always had terrible judgement but always has very good intentions’ and I just find that so accurate and true. They might have a really terrible idea even a very well intentioned one, when it blows in on then tho, they work for the next couple years to implement fixes and changes based on fan feedback and then we end up with mcc which imo is a masterpiece made out of love lol.

I know is gamefreak but one of the most successful game franchises in the world and they minimum effort every game.

Did you not see the controversy over Sword and Shield?

Enjoyable games in all fairness but the community was not happy.

I guess overall to anyone who reads this and either has or can put themselves in this frame of mind, be nice to 343, they are trying to make us happy, personally i really do appreciate their efforts.

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I agree, but there’s idiots of both sides. Ones who think any criticism is being mean to 343, and ones who go full on death threat to get what they want. Both are just bad. You can complain, and it’s fine, as long as you do it in a well mannered way.

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Yeah, the open would feels like playing Breath of the wild, but everything B.O.T.W offers was stripped from the game and they said, here you go, go have fun.

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