Any word on new maps by chance?

love the maps we have, but a few more would be nice. Any words on some new maps by chance?

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Maps aren’t chargeable… cat ears are though, did you want some cat ears?

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They just got back from Christmas break, what do you think?

you would think some maps would already be made? just my thought.

With all the other demands everyone constantly has? Even a large company has their limits. They’ll let us know when something’s close to being done.

Don’t expect anything for a few months. 343i have their hands full with lots of other stuff right now.

No official word on any future updates that contain anything outside of cosmetics. (Except for co-op and forge I suppose) The game has been “released” for, what, 3 weeks now? I wouldn’t expect anything for at least 6 months.

On YouTube somebody had found files for unfinished/WIP maps. I think there was about four of them I think with a basic skeleton model of the map. Not sure if it’s legit but it should still be on YouTube.

It appears like they want to stick to a season-based schedule for larger content updates. So, basically every 3 months.

However: Since the first season now has 6 months, this is a really long time for a game, that hasn’t that many maps (at least BTB).

So I wonder if they will do more “freestyle” releases. There were probably already a few maps planned for March, when the second season originally was supposed to start. Maybe they can throw it in there somehow.

It’s just such a shame there is no Forge right now. I mean…of course Forge would cause additional workload for bug fixes, but on the other hand you could somewhat lay back and let the community do some content-creation-work.