Any word on a Playlist browser?

Been poking around and I haven’t quite seen any official word on a traditional Playlist browser being implemented into the game. Any word on when this will be added? I just want to play slayer because the gunplay is fantastic IMO.

I hope they don’t although I think quickplay could be split between Slayer and Objective if the demand was there.

More variety this way.

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I do love the break in monotony of playing the same game mode on the same maps, but I think having the system as it sits diminishes objective play more. There are many players who either don’t understand the game objective or do not care to play it at all because they just want to get kills. Forcing those players on your team because they can’t queue for slayer only leaves your team on a crutch because they don’t have fun playing the flag. I think to increase objective play, you should separate the Playlist from slayer so people who actually want a cooperative team to play objectives will queue for that playlist specifically instead of hoping that your team is down for the win and not just down for the kills, (because they have no choice as of now).

I haven’t had that much of a problem with that tbh. I just do the dirty work.

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Well my back is sore and I want to kick back in slayer lol