Any Way to Tell If You're Playing with 343i?

Because during my last Spartan Ops game on “Shootout In Valhalla”, this guy, twiggy4Ooz, kept harassing me. In the beginning of the game, I was lagging really bad, and that’s when he started talking about how he was from 343 Industries and that he was going to ban me. He told me to keep an eye out for the Code of Conduct and how he suggested me to play COD instead since I was going to get banned.

I’m not sure if this was a legit threat or not, but it got me pretty worried. I hope he was only trolling because if not, I’d be really upset. I’m a HUGE Halo fan and I’ve never tried to take advantage of glitches or anything.

Irate troll is all. 343 staff dont roll around the servers threatening people, ever.

An actual 343i staff member would never troll someone in game. The repercussions for representing the company in an non professional manner could be anything from suspension to termination.

Legend says they all wear Super Reconz, whilst an army of Unicorn-Spartans pulls a giant catapult that shoots Banhammers.

Srsly though don’t worry about it, no Halo dev would ever harass anyone.

I do remember in halo 3 you knew if you were playing with a bungie member. They always had flaming helmets. I had a game or two with one.

Because 343 doesn’t really do the whole “community interaction” thing, they dont haeve ingame armour to help you identify them, sorry.

Thanks a lot, you guys! I was seriously worried. :frowning: