Any Way to fix Logs not working?

I’m still really enjoying the game. I love the changes and the freshness of it. But I’ve come across another Log that just doesn’t work. I can’t remember the third one because at first I thought maybe I got it, but the recent two are Spartan Ringfall- gravity and USNC Outpost Intel 03- Nowhere to hide. They just don’t beep, they’re not lit up, they don’t show up in scans, and they can’t be interacted with. I’ve restarted the game several times. Just can’t figure out any fix atm. I did some searches but haven’t seen any solutions. It’s not listed in “known bugs” either. So has anyone had any success in fixing this?
I’m playing on Series X btw. Thanks!


I’m having this issue for ringfall #8! Not lit up nor beeping, I know on my first play thru I grabbed it as well! But now it’s just bugged, what’s the fix?