Any using mics any more

I seriously haven’t heard a mic in H5 in easily a year it seems. Has some sort of setting changed? Do I have a setting wrong? Have I been auto-muted? Or are people just not using them? I don’t think any settings changed or anything. Pretty sure I am not auto muted. Sad to hear Halo so silent now.

Most people using mics are in party chat nowadays.

The only time I use it is if I’m playing BTB and hear someone else use theirs. Otherwise, I just need to be aware of where my teammates are and if they’re in a firefight. Unless, of course, I’m in party chat lol

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> Sad to hear Halo so silent now.

This comment makes me feel like you are berating me for not using a mic, so allow me to justify my decision: for one thing, I’m not playing anything competitive. If I was going into ranked Slayer, I’d be trying to coordinate with my teammates with callouts, etc. But I’m not. I’m usually just playing firefight and sometimes Big Team Super Fiesta.

Also, I like to listen to podcasts and music while I play, and I’ve already heard everything Yabda the Merciless says. I’m sorry if I’m contributing the sad state of Halo being silent, but if I wanted to talk to someone while I’m playing, I would just call my friends on Discord or something. I’m sorry if my personal decision to not use a mic makes other people sad, but those are my reasons.

I must admit I only get mine out if I hear some one else as well…but I never hear any one. Perhaps that is what we are all doing, waiting for some one else to use theirs…hahaha

Yeah I only use mine outside of party chat when I hear someone else using their mic

This is strange. 2 years ago there were tons of people on mics. I can’t remember the last time I heard somebody else use one.

In other news please bring back proximity chat in Infinite. That was the best!

I hear more people on mics in MCC than I’ve ever heard in H5.

I never use my mic due to I get told to either -Yoink!- or any snarky comment, I barely run into anyone nice or mostly everyone uses Party chat, but mostly I run into kids or DJs on the Mics

I don’t care about mics, except for breakout and team arena.

I find breakout has mics typically, but sadly not in team arena. Oddball is ok as everyone is typically around the objective, but the other 3 game types are much more important for communication. The trials and tribulations of a solo searcher.

Used to love mics on all the time but most people are either online or people just blast annoying music through headset so rarely plug in unless in party chat plus sometimes I have to rant in-game, well I have to turn it off.

I only use one if I am playing with friends, in which case we will be in party chat

I actually rarely use voice chat even with my friends. I get way more angry when I have the outlet to voice my frustrations and it takes my mind off the game. Keeping an eye on your teammates’ service tags to see when they are in a fight and to predict spawns is just as effective (for the average gamer).

I use one but i dont hear very many other players talking

When queuing solo, it seem the only time I hear someone, they are either eating chips, talking to some one in their room, or a squeaker screaming that the lost their REQ. I will use it while playing with friends or my SC.

I have a headset that allows me to talk but I’ve largely disabled the mic.

Very few people communicate in H5 and it’s kind of sad v Halo 3 days

Playing SWAT mainly and at the level where you’re shooting for champ, that is playing competitively and seriously which requires some sort of team and communication in order to achieve (outside odd hours of the day known for matching anyone and everyone resulting in a 2 minute slaughter of a game for the several leagues better team), will naturally group you up and bring you into a community that all has mics. If you’re playing with randoms, in general mics are missing though.

Side note: Been running into people who are trying to get into Onyx but laugh at the idea of using a mic to talk to people, communication doesn’t seem to be something they feel is necessary. Hell talking to strangers online seems silly to some people too I suppose.

I try and use mine from time to time, but all I ever get is silence.

Only if I hear others talking and if they aren’t immature yoinks (toxic people). Additionally, I tend to play worse when I am speaking so I usually stay silent until I am killed which I will then callout or suggest something.

I’m always in a party with the people i am playing with. Unfortunately the removal of lobby chat has greatly increased the need for parties. If not for the parties, we don’t know if someone needs a break, change gametypes, or one of many different situations. Hoping Halo Infinite brings back lobby chat (and proximity chat in social) to allow the community to talk more and make friends again. I understand that there are many toxic people out there, but in games past we would just mute them instantly and move on