Any Updates on Server Stability?

I’ve been having so many problems with server stability in the past few weeks, it’s legitimately put me off playing the game despite really wanting to. Most of the time I’m dealing with my connection reading 30-60ms ping, but “UNSTABLE: PACKET LOSS” almost permanently plastered on my screen with 2004-era rubberbanding making the game feel borderline unplayable.

This isn’t a problem on my end: I’ve tried what few troubleshooting options I’ve found, I have a wired fibre connection of 300+Mb/s in both directions, I don’t use a VPN, and there isn’t a single program on my PC that have anywhere near these issues. Even MCC is perfectly fine. It’s even more upsetting because in the first month, maybe up to first month and a half, Infinite was perfectly stable too. A very rare matchmaking error, but that only happened once or twice at best. I feel like the week before Christmas, all of this started and hasn’t gone away.

I know there’s A LOT to juggle on the devs’ plate right now, but this is just backbreaking. I can ignore the store during overhauls, I can deal with a limited map and mode pool, but I CAN’T deal with server instability this debilitating. An update of any kind would be really nice.

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Thursday I would average 12-20 ping on my series X. Today? Well over 100 every game. It’s not playable at that high of ping for me