Any update from 343?

I understand tomorrow is when they get back into the office from their break and I know it’s a lot to ask but have they said anything concrete on what they’re working on? I know there are other issues plaguing the game but the with constant videos of cheaters getting caught it’s making me paranoid and not enjoy the game. Now instead of just hopping into another match I now go and watch the last match multiple times from different perspectives to see if people are cheating. It’s really ruining the fun of the game for me

Anyways back to the topic have they said anything about what they’re doing? Or an update they’re rolling out this week?

More low effort cat armor.

I haven’t heard of any clear-cut plans going forward. Just occasional twitter posts to announce the start of Winter Contingency, celebrating the New Year, or mentioning what the Weekly Reward is.

I doubt they’ve been completely ignorant of the complaints - before and during their break - and I would suspect that the very first thing to do - other than getting to work on additional content - is to make some kind of response whether it’d be a full road map or a priorities list of what they’re going to focus on going forward.

I don’t think they’ve issued any information on what they’re working on while they’ve been on holiday.

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They mentioned that they’re already working on Rabbit ears to be released soon. All thanks to people liking the cat ears so much and bringing so much commotion in the community.

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If that’s the case they have allot to do