Any UNSC weapon you think need nerf or buff?

Gun - Mag - Approx Kill Time/Etc
DMR - 14/28(42) - 1.8 sec
BR - 36/72(108) - 2.2 sec
Assault Rifle - 32/64(96) - Range*,Short: 1.7 sec, Mid: 1.9 sec, Long: 2.8 sec.
Magnum - 8/16(24) - 2.1 sec (Tested with Mid-range)
Sniper - 4/8(12) - N/A - N/A
Rockets - 2/4(6) - Approx Splash Damage kill radius is 6.5ft.
Shotgun - 6/12(18) - Range, Short:…, Mid: 3.5 sec.
Sticky Det. - 1/2(3) - Splash Damage max kill radius is approx 5ft.
SAW - 72/144(216) - Range, Short: 1.2 sec, Mid: 1.5 sec, Long: 1.9 sec.
Railgun - 1/2(3) - Splash damage exists but will not kill opposing playing if it isn’t a direct hit or their shields aren’t down.
Spartan Laser - 100%(4) - Same as Railgun ^

*Range was determined based off DMR Scope in distance feature.
-Short range = 5ft
-Mid range = 15ft
-Long range = 25ft

Based off this do you believe anything needs tuning?
IMO I think the SAW needs a slight nerf.
Shotguns at mid range is powerful, 1 shot can almost take half of your shields away. DMR needs a slight ROF decrease or become 6 shot kill.

You should include all weapons in this list, as well as armor abilities in some form. Personally I find the DMR and SAW adequate, but what really needs a buff is the Boltshot standard fire; you should be able to kill someone before having to reload. As for armor abilities, the standard thruster pack needs to go a little further a little faster.