Any UNSC military clans out there?

Greetings, this is Duck and I’m looking for any halo 5 UNSC clans out there.
When I mean UNSC I mean: has a good ranking system (member, recruit, private, warrant officer, colonel, general, commander, etc.), most people online often, does at least monthly training( weekly would be great but that’s too much to offer), clan meetings, proper raids, and is built kind of like a family almost. I have been the leader of 2 military clans in the past 8 years and have also had the experience of being a luitenant of one. If any clans out there want to recruit me I would have to schedule a meeting with your leader to discuss what a member gets from the clan, because I don’t like joining a clan that I know nothing about. Also, this is my emergency profile. If you wish to contact me through Xbox live message “The Duck 303”.
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I am also interested in joining a UNSC clan that conducts clan battles and raids. Looking back at what I missed, I really wish I was around for the Reach clan community.

I am a General in my clan Messorem Umbra (Reapers Shadow) we are currently recruiting and we need people to fill our high ranking positions first. You must be a dedicated player, have a KDA of at least 1.0 or above and submit to a BAT (Basic Abilities Test. Your performance and how well you do on your BAT will determine your rank. For more information about Messorem Umbra, enlisting, or any questions you might have in at all please feel free to contact myself (RuthlessAaron94) or one of the other clan generals (MARLEYdavinci) or (XVIIshots). Thank you and keep finishing the fight.
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The Empire of the Onyx Shield has recently begun a new drive to recruit as many members as it can, The more active members we can get the more we will have. Training is held three times a week and there are two meetings a week, as we grow there will be members who can host meetings more conveniently for people not in Australia. As for ranks there are 5 military branches:

Levies (partime soldiers)
Levy Commander

Army (full time infantry)
all the way to Field Marshal

Navy (full time space combat only)
all the way to Admiral of the Fleet

Air Force (Full time pilots)
all the way to Marshal of the Onyx Shield Air Force

O.S.S.F (Special Forces)
Combination of Army, Navy, Airforce

There are a few specialists ranks but they will be detailed once you join. If you have any question message me privately.

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