Any tips when/how to use the "Slide" ability?

havent had much use other than sliding through that opening in Fathom. I also use it when picking up weapons/overshield just for -Yoink- n’ giggles

Literally that is point of Slide, to just slide to different places. When I use the Shotgun, I slide and try to get a dropshot kill with it. Seems to work well enough.

Sprint → Slide → Jump → Burst

Fastest way to cover ground.

I use it to slide to cover like I do when I’m paintballing lol

I don’t think there is any huge advantage or reason to use it other than to cover a little bit more ground faster. If your trying to dodge, you might as well use thruster.

If im being shot and thrusters are still recharging I slide to cover. In warzone I enter enemy bases using slide because they expect walkimg height spartans and will be aiming above myhead

If you need to get into cover fast, slide. It also helps close the gap between you and another player if you’re trying to get them with a CQC weapon. Slide+shotgun blast from down low Is always cool. You can also use it if you’re like me and enjoy turning around in style.

there is a sliding mechanic?


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> Sprint → Slide → Jump → Burst
> Fastest way to cover ground.

Or at least it feels like it.