Any tips to beat the campaign on legendary?

Hey guys I can’t seem to get past the levels on legendary… any tips?

Time management.

Plasma Pistol is your Friend, Always keep a Headshot Weapon with you
Pass Massive Fights by running beside battles

If in doubt, get a Needler out :smiley:

Was pondering how to get past one point in one level as a Promethean Knight kept raping me. Found a needler, didn’t take long for him to die :smiley:

  1. Noob combo. Plasma pistol and a head shot weapon.

  2. Know your foes. Figure out where and when they spawn.

  3. Understand when to take cover (when at half shield is usually a good time to run for cover)

  4. If you get frustrated. Save and quit and come back later.

  5. Play it safe. Avoid assassinating an enemy unless you know you can pull it off.

  6. IMO the best one: Incineration cannon. If you find one. USE IT.

Grab a baseball bat, hit tv repeatedly, and breaaaaatheeeeee!!!

Don’t rush into any battle.
Needlers are ridiculously handy for Elites and Knights.
Keep Auto-Sentry whenever you can.

Watch vieoes like this and you’ll know how to beat most maps on legendary solo :slight_smile:

Be patient. Take out all small enemy’s first from a distance (crawlers, Grunts, watchers etc). The needler owns knights. Be smart with your power weapons. Use cover and your surroundings. Legendary is a grind but its not impossible. Just go into every engagement with the mind frame that one shot equals death. If you get too frustrated, save game rethink your approach and come back later.

Patience. If you want to get through it fast watch Naked Eli’s Speed-run tutorials.

> Hey guys I can’t seem to get past the levels on legendary… any tips?


Always keep a precision weapon with you and whenever you get a chance, get a Incineration Cannon. Its always a one hit kill.

> Watch vieoes like this and you’ll know how to beat most maps on legendary solo :slight_smile:

I’d also recommend Tyrant’s walkthrough vids, he helped me a few times with Reach!!

Everyone says use a precision weapon.

Yes that’s the obvious answer but at the start of Forerunner, precision weapons are lacking in numbers. You’re forced to contend with Knights with Supressors and Boltshots.

Remember to kill Watchers first, because they can resurrect Knights.

Patience. Precision Weapons. Autosentry AA.

Also be quick on your toes. Promethians can be unpredictable at points.

I hate to be one of “those people” but I found H4 Legendary to be the easiest Halo to beat of them all. The only difficult times I had was against Banshees and Wraiths and their impeccable precision.


  • Overcharged PP for all Elites.
  • Use precision weapons at all times (DMR, BR, LR, Pistol & Carbine) and time your shots, don’t spam.
  • Kill Sniper Jackals first.
  • Kill Watchers and Crawlers before going after the Knight(s). Knights fall quickly to Needler and shotguns, FYI.
  • Use Auto Sentry when you need to take cover or distract an enemy. P-Knights are also susceptible to Invis. Hide > Invis > go around the back and assassinate.
  • Also recommend activating Catch Skull for additional grenades.

Other than that, just keep trying. If a certain tactic isn’t working for you, rethink your plans or restart the mission if you must. It’s a pretty short game.