Any tips for the mission 14 on legendary ?

How does one kill the 3 warden eternal ?
I didn’t have any problems until this boss fight, but i can’t even kill one, i try to move the most as i can but i keep getting OHK. And the Blue team A.I. is meh…

Personally I ran for cannons first and used those up first and got my check point then I used the sniper rifle while hiding behind a wall and get Aggro from one of them and work on him till he’s dead then the last one I just used a combo with my sniper and shotgun using the evade and staying close up with him and using my team members as bait to get him to turn around until I was able to down him. It took me a total of around 2 hours and countless attempts. Don’t worry you’ll get it. :slight_smile:

Luck, dodging, and lots of time.
What I did was run for the left, tried to bait away two of them with the AI, and drew one to the side. I’d try to work on him with an Incineration Cannon or three until he dies, and then I’d try to repeat that with the other two. Each time you take a Warden out you get a checkpoint.
If (when) you run out of Incinerators, I would resort to a Scattershot-Lightrifle combo, try to stay on the defensive behind pillars.
Thereś two incinerators behind where the wardens drop, by the way, and one on each side of the room.
Be warned, on the last Warden, at least four Focus Turrets spawn.
You’ll want to dodge often, and you will want to try and keep something between you and the other Wardens as to not get oneshot.